Radical Constructivism: John Piaget And Radical Constructivist Differences

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Definition When examining a study from a constructivist lens, the researcher must ask themselves: How does learning occur? What is the mechanism behind learning? Is it external? Internal? Due to social connections? These are example guiding questions constructivist researchers seek to answer. Constructivism is defined as individuals constructing their own knowledge of the world either internally, or externally by interacting with individuals. When individuals encounter a new experience, it causes them to compare it to their previous idea or experience. This interaction leads to a change in what the individuals believe, or a discardment of the new information. At some point every human tests and revises their knowledge through interactions and experiences. Examples of these experiences can be the classroom, home, and interactions with people. The mechanism of how an individual construct…show more content…
The concept of radical constructivism does not see knowledge as objective, but internal where it is organized and ordered based on the individuals experience. The most known radical constructivist John Piaget believed that knowledge is organized as the outcome of interactions between the environment and the conscious intelligence of the individual. (Piaget, 1953) believed that humans can acquire knowledge and learning without having awareness of a real world outside themselves. Piaget claimed that knowledge is constructed as the learner attempts to organize his or her experience along mental structures or “schemas” (Piaget, 1953). Piaget categorized knowledge into three types: physical, logical-mathematical, and social knowledge. Physical knowledge comes from exploring the physical world. Logical-mathematical knowledge is developed within the individual due the development of physical knowledge. Social knowledge is information that has been told, taught, or

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