Radical Changes During The American Revolution

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The American Revolution caused a drastic amount of change. While this big thing was going on there were many people that had been included. The British and the 13 colonies went to war against each other so that 13 colonies could try and win over their freedom. Abigail Adams sent a letter to her husband to try and convince the writers to include women's equal rights. There were many hopes that people had while the American Revolution was present in the 1770’s to the early 1780’s. How much change did the American Revolution cause? The American Revolution radically changed three areas of life; social, political, and economics. The American Revolution was Revolutionary because many drastic changes happened. The American Revolution caused radical changes in British territory. British Territory before and after the American Revolution shows that the British had gained much more land than they previously had due to the amount of time they had won a fight between who got the land. This then would mean that the British were much wealthier and had more power (DOC 1). The American Revolution caused a radical change in the communications of the different social classes. Billiards in Hanover-Town shows that people's social differences don't matter. This means that the rich, the poor, and the moderate people did not care about the makings of every other social class (DOC 3). The American Revolution caused a radical change in women's rights. Abigail Adam’s letter to her husband shows she wasn’t considering other social classes, and …show more content…

During the American Revolution woman gained more rights than they had before the Revolution, Indians were now not treated like people with their rights, and Britain had gained a bit more land. Before the American Revolution was present we could have prevented it from happening if we knew previously about our natural born

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