Revolutionary Influences On Politics

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Revolutionary Influences on Politics

The development of the early republic of the United States of America had many influence from ideas on liberty, equality of men, and God-given rights to mankind. These ideas were formed during many outbreaks of riots, resistance of laws passed by British government, and the yearning for independence. All of these ideas caused many revolutions to form, dismantle of the old American government, and the formation of the one that still exists today. The ideas that came from the American Revolution helped influence the founding fathers into how to form the constitution. The French revolution also had some say in the making of the US government. Revolutionary activity and ideas helped the founding fathers form the government that we still live under today.

A revolution is the rising of people to overthrow a pre-existing government and replace it with another one that is better and meets most of the peoples wants. The American Revolution, between 1775 and 1783, happened because Americans wanted to break away from the British government and form their own independent government. The era began in 1764 when the British government passed the Sugar Act. It was to help pay off the Americans military expenses after the Seven Years War with France but it just caused problems within the colonies. This act did little to help with the finances, so parliament passed the Stamp Act of 1765, which taxed anyone who made a will, bought or sold property, borrowed money, purchased newspapers, or any other type of goods (Boyer). All classes of colonists were affected by this act and much resistance broke out. The Act made people think that they either had to face the taxation full-frontal or...

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... administration and the future of the government. So the French Revolution had a big influence on the Founding Fathers.

The motley crew brought some good idealism that influenced and brought into the making the American Revolution. The Founding Fathers knew their history and they knew it well. They used it and other famous words from philosophers, such as Voltaire, and writers, such as Thomas Paine, to help make the Constitution of the United States. Revolutions seem to have a huge impact for all countries and they defiantly had a say the making of our present government.

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