Racism In Popular Culture

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Despite many progressive changes, racism is still a major issue. No one is born racist, racism is taught and it is taught in popular culture. Younger generations are exposed to racism through popular culture; one of the many mediums in which racial stereotypes are still supported. Matt Seitz, in his article, “The Offensive Movie Cliche That Won’t Die” claims that metaphorically, in popular culture cinema, African-Americans are mentors of a white hero, but beneath the surface, it is racially offensive towards these mentors because they are still considered servants of whites. Michael Omi, in “In Living Color: Race and American Culture” adds to the claim of Seitz that racial issues in our society brought on by the media and popular culture. He…show more content…
Seitz argues that M.Ns are happy to help their masters at any time. African-Americans are serving whites to succeed in their life and these mentors willingly serve whites. Seitz states, “Magical Negro”: a saintly African-American who acts as a mentor to a white hero… [their] relationship is that of a master and servant… one that truly lives to serve, has no life to speak beyond his service” (Seitz 357). Years after the end of slavery, blacks are still considered as servants of whites in America. Even though social reforms have ended slavery and the exclusion of blacks from society, whites still consider blacks as their slaves and this has been portrayed ambiguously in many movies. In pro-white popular culture, African-American actors and actresses have not received fair treatment to perform at the highest of their abilities. In today’s modern world, there are roots of racism; popular culture and mass media production are very important key factors in promoting the racial distinction in our society. In this modern world, media and television are a part of everyday life. People have easy access to movies and TV shows; viewers of these shows tend to believe what is being shown. Films and TV shows have played a significant role in reestablishing racism and discrimination in popular culture. Many of the mass media production industries have characterized racial stereotypes. Omi reveals racial stereotypes, “[in…show more content…
Laws describe that there is should be no difference between any citizens of America in regards to their race or color. As a country, the United States has seen many presidents in the office and their policies have set a definition of their success in the history; Barack Obama, the current president of the United States and the first African-American to lead the free nation, has been respected and criticized as “Magical Negro”. Obama 's presidency is a sign of post-racial America, but it is not accurate to say that racism has not played a role to elect him as a President? Seitz claims, “ a widespread sense that replacing George W. Bush with [Obama] would send a definitive signal that it was time to rebuild, toward a post-racial [society]. It was an absurd hope… deep down [Obama] wants ‘us [whites]’ to succeed, is happy to help ‘us’ succeed” (Seitz 359). An African-American has the power to lead the most powerful country in the world, but his leadership and success depend on other white people 's success. Obama has the power, but he is portrayed as a servant of whites who needs a mentor. At the end, he will be considered just a slave of whites. Obama 's presidency is constructing a racist and stereotypical popular culture. Although there have been many changes and reforms in the laws, African-Americans have faced many obstacles in America. Omi states, “the United States was a society shaped by
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