Racial Microaggression Essay

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During the last decade, the awareness of a specific kind of racial discrimination has been arisen within north American universities, and this special kind of discrimination is called racial microaggression —“a brief and commonplace verbal, behavioural, or environmental indignities that communicate negative racial insults to people of colour” (Sue, Capodilupo, et al., 2007). Surprisingly, this racial problem even hit Canada, a multiculturalism nation, and became a hot topic in Canada after a forced apology. In February 2014, a student from McGill University was obliged to apologize for an email involved in racial microaggressions (Hamilton, 2014). Subsequently, McGill experienced strong complaints from its students, and the protest was so strong…show more content…
. . I don’t know what to say so I said, “You go home,” but I realize it doesn’t hurt him like me.
From this example, it is clear that the walker shows up at random and nobody can predict if he is racism, which indicates that the natures of microassault are random and unpredictable. Because of this nature, racial microassault is hard to control on campus. Hence, even though Canada is relatively less-discriminated than others, international students still face some exceptional cases of racial
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Although the suggestions might be helpful, the evidence using in this paper may contain bias. From the international students’ point of view, the effects of racial microaggressions in Canada are well discussed; however, there is not any evidence from the native-speaker side nor any statement of what do native speakers think about racial microaggressions. In this case, more multi-perspective research is needed. As discussed, racial microaggressions have three parts: microassault, microinsult and microinvalidation (Sue, Capodilupo, et al., 2007). And racial microaggression’s nature of random, accidental and unpredictable determines the difficulty of avoiding microaggressions. Future studies should focus on how microaggressions influence Canadian native speakers’ lives, as well as examining and comparing the harm to both
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