Racial And Racial Inequality

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For one thing, it does not matter what race or ethnic group you are: In my opinion, color and genetic differences should not determine your racial status. Unfortunately, in this day in age; the racial card does matter in terms of racial hierarchy. Furthermore, Scientific Racism is defined as the placement (ranking) of different races/ethic groups; but includes psychical(genetic differences) as well. In other words, this means your racial status is determined by your genetics and your racial hierarchy attributes to that. In addition to scientific racism and the two flaws: Steinburg's theory hit rock bottom...he failed to notice that it camouflages the real issues of racism and racial inequalities. Instead, his theory only dissipates attention away from the conditions and the causes of racial inequalities.
My take on the scientific racism is very complex: what is the real issue here? Steinberg points out theories on culture and members of minority groups with twisted standards. This stuff affects the conditions of life and environmental status which determines behavior. Very crazy stuff indeed...Secondly, we move on to D'Souza's text. He says if physical differences among the races are inborn (so that black skin does not turn white when you move its possessor to Sweden), cultural differences must be inborn as well; racial inequality traced to the differences in civilization patterns. I think he's implying that cultural differences exist everywhere just in different places and physical differences. I believe Steinberg is conveying scientific racism in a good manner, but it is way overboard to the extent.

Secondly, Savage Culture distinguishes between those who are civilized and savage: Europeans are ci...

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...he advancement of others. Established preconceived stereotypes about races or groups that are based upon color and economic conditions. It also goes in depth on the ranking of different races/ ethnic groups and labels as a result of financial history.

Finally, Reification of culture is taking one's aspect of another group's culture and using it to create their own perspective about the group. Failing to consider multiple dimensions of the group's culture may lead to ineffectual polices - opposite of cultural relativism. Anyways, the problem occurs when a culture is used on itself (as a thing); this creates a divorce from the material and social conditions. In turn, this creates more and more people coming out with theories and controversy becomes a culture cycle for the poor and theorists to keep spilling there knowledge of this issue.
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