Race Relations In A Raisin In The Sun

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The color of your skin determines how half of your life will be and whether one will be successful or they will end up in prison with nothing but a criminal record. In the play A Raisin in The Sun written by Hansberry Lorraine, the writer talks about a lot of topics, but I will mainly focus on race relation in regards to the play and how being black made the family in the play was indecisive about how they want to use the money, why they wanted to buy a house in a white neighborhood and what race relation means in terms of the play and in our society. The play A Raisin in The Sun the author shows us how a black family that is hard working tries to survive after one person receives a lump sum of money. In black families people do not acquire…show more content…
The solution to their problem is that they need to be educated about how they can conducted themselves after getting out of prison, what resources they have available to themselves that they can use to stay afloat in this new America that has been color blinded according to Michelle Alexander in her book The New Jim Crow book that Michelle Alexander wrote that people are color blind to how our society treats black males and how black people are being step down on and they are sent to prison to bring them down by taking down the most important variable in black communities which is black males, in my opinion the book makes a great parallel to how black people are being treated in our society, Walter could have known what to do only he knew how to play his card right, if he was educate enough he would have known how to help his mother and that the liquor store was a scam before it was too
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