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Have you ever had a mood swing that led to the thought of giving up, yet when a problem emerges with no option to escape, the one thing you hold on to is your role model. Whoever they may be, they fill others with motivation, pushing individuals beyond the limits to find the solution. This is shown when people influence one another with self motivation when a situation goes wrong, allowing them to defend their self-worth for the long-term. In addition, role models give a path where people can imitate and become an exceptional example of the model. When a person reflects to their future, a harmful decision could surface in retrospect that would bring a person’s life tumbling down. When people are at their weakest, role models are the most important factor needed to provide an inspirational uplift because role models are always there when you may need them, tell encouraging words that change one’s future to the better, and guide people through life as they develop through difficult situations. Generally, people choose those who look out for them as their role models. These role models typically involve members of family or friends. Daoud Hari, author of the book The Translator, entered a city as a foreigner and became poor and hungry, but was supported by his cousins soon after. “Here I had friends and cousins who would give me a place to sleep” said Daoud (Hari 31). As time passed, his relationship with his cousin grew until his cousin became his idol figure. Then again, another unique role model that the public loves to worship is God. Pointed out by Daoud’s Father, he spoke “May God keep you Safe,” (Hari 51). It is evident that God was not referred as a human being by Daoud’s father, but more like a superhuman or spirit ... ... middle of paper ... ...imilar situations. For example, currently I am experiencing what it is like to be in grade 10, like what my older brother had once experienced. It only takes the guidance of a leader to start the path that leads to success. Defending oneself when one’s thoughts are jammed in a loop may be an individual’s hardest challenge yet. However, despite the difficulties, role models are the key to success. Due to the fact that they help one get through problems and such, they are referred to as a blessing to society. Additionally, role models influence followers to make dedicated choices, giving them insight to the future. As well, they provide guidance to people throughout life with positive thoughts that eventually lead people to a flourishing future. Therefore, the inspiration of any role model whilst one’s life is at stake is the most agreeable resolution one can make.
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