Personal Goals In Accounting

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When I started my college career, I believed that I wanted to go into politics and become a senator one day. As I attended classes for this major, however, I discovered that was not what I wanted to do and switched to Business Administration, as I have always had an affinity for business and believed that it would provide me with a good job one day. For this degree, I had to take an introduction to Accounting, and during this class I learned that this was something that I seemed to not only to have a knack for, but something I enjoyed. I like how accounting can almost be seen as a puzzle, fitting the right figures into the correct accounts, and knowing that the information garnered is of enormous use to the business world. My college was having…show more content…
Once I have my certification, I hope to work in the public sector for a few years and learn the trade really well. My ultimate goal with my degree is to one day become a college professor of Accounting myself. I would like to help students to see the value of accounting, even if that is not their intended field, and how valuable knowing these principles can be to them in their everyday lives. I want to assist students who may have a hard time understanding the concepts, and be able to explain clearly the relationship between terms such as credit and debit. The job I currently hold will help me with this goal, as I teach at an afterschool program. I am able to teach all of the core subjects to a group of middle school students while making the learning fun and engaging. The hands-on experience I am receiving now will be a great asset to my future academia…show more content…
At my place of work I am a team leader, meaning that I am in charge of three of my peers to make sure that all paperwork is completed and filed, all lesson plans are turned in within a timely manner, all supplies are required for the week, and any discipline problems that come up with either children or fellow workers is addressed. I have held other leadership positions before this job as well, I was the co-president of the Mississippi College Student’s for Life Chapter and am a college leader at my church. I also possess a strong work ethic no matter what; during my freshman year I took an intensive Honor’s Block of courses and during that time my grandmother passed away. My sophomore year my father was diagnosed with cancer in both of his kidneys, and I was preparing to leave for my semester abroad by working three jobs to pay for the expense. During the beginning of this year I was sent to the Emergency Room three times and my roommate’s mother passed away. Through all of this though, I have always kept schoolwork as one of my top priorities and have never fallen below a “B” in any class. I know that the academic training I receive here will last me throughout my lifetime, yet that trials are fleeting in the grand scheme of things. When my father was diagnosed with cancer, he was not able to work for several months and had the majority of

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