Purification Of Water Science

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Investigative Question What is effect of different purification methods on water using boiling, filtering and purification tablet? Hypothesis The more processes done to purify the water the better the water quality for example beaker 5 Apparatus • 5 beakers/containers • Filter paper • Purification tablets • Pot • Dirty dam water Method 1. First collect five containers or beakers. Fill them with 200ml dirty water from a dam. 2. Put a piece of filter paper on top of each beaker except the first beaker this is the one that you are not going to purify. 3. Put a purification Tablet In the second beaker 4. Take a pot filled with the 200ml of water and set it on the stove until it starts to boil. 5. Once boiled place the water into the third beaker. 6. Wait until the tablet had dissolved in the water. 7. Then test each beaker and record your results in the form of a table. Diagram Safety Precautions  Do not drink the water before it has been purified  Make sure you are in a safe environment Observation It was noticed that the more things done to purify the water the clearer...
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