Puppy Love: Things You Should Consider Before Bringing an Animal to Your Home

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When thinking about purchasing a puppy, it is something that you should definitely take some time to consider. Bringing in a new animal is a very huge commitment. You are choosing to care and give love unconditionally to that animal. Although you get to go out on your own and see the world, the animals don’t get that option, so you are their world. Getting a puppy is beneficial but also costly and difficult at times. Before purchasing an animal you should really evaluate yourself to know if you are capable of maintaining one.
Getting a puppy can be very beneficial, not only for you, but for the pup itself. They say a man’s best friend is a dog, and I can’t agree more. If trained right, they can be super loveable, cuddly, and energetic. I had just purchased a black Great Dane pup and she seems to be learning something new every day. From going on long walks, jumping up on the couches, and being spoiled by toys is how we try to entertain my puppy. Long walks are good for the puppies’ health and good for yours too, so it is a win-win situation. Having a puppy can be beneficial because when you are feeling down, Seeing the puppy run around and play can make you feel better. Service dogs are also beneficial to people who are in need. They have service dogs for many reasons like for people who are blind or even if you have ADHD. Although getting a service animal to help you doesn’t mean all the expenses are covered.
Getting a puppy can be very expensive. Not only should you pay for the animal but you are making a commitment to care and treat for that animal for the rest of their life. When considering getting an animal prepare yourself for “just in case” situations, because they tend to happen more than we'd like. My puppy had just ...

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...galloping across our lawn. Getting a puppy can also be challenging in a way of their food. With Danes, they have to be on a strict low fiber diet. During their rapid growth phase it is crucial that they don’t overdo anything because it can make them prone to problems later on in the future.
In conclusion getting a puppy can be a handful, and many tend to purchase them irrationally, and end up taking to the pound because they couldn’t handle it. Although having a puppy can be very entertaining and beneficial, you must take a look back at yourself and wonder if you are in the right position to enable yourself to make a huge commitment. Within a blink of an eye something can go wrong and you can end up paying for a $2000 puppy instead of the initial $500. I have learned this first hand and now I am completely devoted to care and nurture my “not so little” Dane puppy.
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