Punishment Fail, Rehabilitation Work Essay

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Punishment Fails, Rehabilitation Works As defined in the dictionary, rehabilitation is the process of changing or reforming a criminal through socialization. Rather than keeping prisoners in jail or isolation for a long period of time, the rehabilitation process allows people to learn how to live appropriately in society without causing trouble to others. There are many other options for people who commit crimes besides being sent to jail or being punished. Some of these alternatives to prisons include a combination of prison and probation, community-based programs, and diversion strategies. Many institutions are more likely to use alternatives because they save more money than the jails cost, they strengthen families and communities, and it has been proven that they have reduced crime. An example of a popular alternative for criminals is a drug court, which provides court-supervised drug treatments to offenders with substance abuse problems. There is also probation, where the offender is allowed in the community but has been given restrictions. For the criminals who have spent much time in jail already, the officials would probably request that they be sent to a halfway house. Halfway houses are used to socialize the person into living in neighborhoods, rather than living in the jail cells. Another option for offenders would be to be put under house arrest, which requires them to stay in their homes unless given permission to leave by officials. A common known alternative to prison is community service, when offenders either pay off a fine or are punished by doing unpaid work for the community. Despite all of the other options available to criminals, many people believe that punishment is the only answer. However, statistics sho... ... middle of paper ... ...habilitation is far more efficient than any kind of punishment towards crime. However, I also agree that certain crimes call for certain measures, which is why there are many alternatives available for offenders. Everyone deserves a second chance to life and these alternatives will give criminals that needed opportunity. While some people are committed to the idea that punishment is the only solution, I suggest that they put themselves in the offender’s shoes. Yes, not everyone is likely to commit serious crimes – however, many people commit crimes because of mental or even drug problems. These people do not ask to have these disabilities and they certainly do not ask to be sent to prison for the majority of their lives. Mistakes happen, and while some of these mistakes can be major, everyone deserves a chance to set things right, both for society and for themselves.

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