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Dear California Department of Education ,
The problem of the failing school system in America is that some students are not willing to learn because they feel the subjects that they are being taught in school is not life related and that the teachers provide lectures that the students have no interest in. Education is clearly the tool to success in life, but if the public teachers are not willing to show interest in their teaching towards students, then how will the students strive to learn in school. Students start to lose interest in school because the outstanding teachers get laid off through the budget cuts and they are left with the less outstanding or bad teachers that have obtained a tenure. A tenure is what protects public school teachers who has taught over ten years and could no longer lose their teaching credential; therefore, they decided to take advantage of the American public school system so that they could make money.
American public teachers that say they are here to get paid and do not care much about their students. Those teachers could clearly mess up a student’s future because a teacher’s voice could have a negative impact on the student which causes them to not try in school. Today, there are many public school teachers who do not supply enough knowledge to their students; For example, I had trouble writing an essay in college right now because the public teachers I had in my school would literally give me an outstanding grade just for completing the assignment, so I thought I was always good at what I did. I thought writing essays were simple and were plain boring because I did not put effort in writing at all due to getting outstanding grades on all my essays. J...

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...can public system worked this way every student will have a higher rate of graduation and less dropouts in school. Many students today lack of their own voice in class when the teacher has authority over class rules. Strict teachers make the students lose creativity because the students are too scared to speak up for themselves.
Phillip Nguyen

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