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Media has negatively shaped the lives of my family and I. Corporate company’s aim is to attract a specific audience to buy their product. Children are evidently their number one target, because they are gullible. Many studies have shown that children do not understand the difference between television programming and television advertising (Schlosser 357). Kids do not fully understand the purpose of the company’s persuasions, which leaves children defenseless. Although vulnerability is more common in children, adults are deceived as well. In Southern California both children and adults are manipulated by television advertisement exploitation. The author of the book called, Selling to Kids, admits that advertisings’ aim is getting kids to whine” (qtd. In Schlosser 354).According to James U.McNeal, the seven categories classified as distinct styles of nagging include: pleading, persistent, forceful, demonstrative, sugar-coated, threatening, and pity nags (Schlosser 354). All types of whining are true because as a child I remember bombarding my mom with any type of nag, in order to get a happy meal from McDonalds. I realized that advertisements have influence on what they want the desperately want people to buy. I witnessed that my nephews, ages 6 and 3, have their nagging moments, and it frightens me. It was a Sunday morning and my nephews were hungry during lunch time. Their dad, my brother, told them that they were going to eat a home cook meal. My little nephews’ first approach was the demonstrative nag. They were whining at my brother, kicking his car seat, and screaming next to his ear, “I want a happy meal”. It was amazing on how rapidly they changed their approached when my brother was not budging. Furthermore, they... ... middle of paper ... supplement commercials do not use the pills at all. Most ads on television will neglect the side-effects in order to do well in sells. If my sister would have known about the possible side-effects of the pills, she would have not taken them. Advertising has taken its toll on Southern California and the world. Advertising companies find manipulative ways to control your mind to buy their products. Ads have affected my life and the lives of my family. Promoters from well-known Cooperate Companies goal are only to sell products, regardless if they have side-effects or long-term effects. Nothing positive comes out of advertisements. Consequently, it causes health-risks, whiny nephews and siblings on the verge of death. Works Cited Schlosser, Eric. “Kid Kustomers.” 50 Essays.Ed. Samuel Cohen .Boston, Bedford/St.Martin’s, 2011. 353-358. Print.

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