Public Health and Heart Issues in America

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Public health Problem
Every 34 seconds someone has a heart attack in the United States. Heart Attacks, which are also referred to as myocardial infarctions, have become a leading health issue in America. According to the American Heart Association, about 920,000 Americans have a heart attack each year, and about 452,000 of those result in death. The problem strikes when blood flow to a part of the heart is blocked for a long period of time and causes the heart to stop pumping. If the heart is not pumping, it can cause a heart muscle to become severely damaged or die. Heart attacks can happen for a number of reasons, but the two main concerns are plaque and smoking.
The heart experiences blood clots, which stem from blockage in the coronary arteries. This blockage often consists of fat buildup, cholesterol, and other substances. The collaboration of all these substances is referred to as plaque. The plaque causes the artery walls to become thicker and harder and eventually bursts open, thus causing a blood clot. Daily diet heavily contributes to plaque and cholesterol buildup, which contributes to plaque blood clots, which eventually leads to a heart attack. This process is also referred to as atherosclerosis disease.
Along with plaque, Cigarette smoking is the number one cause for preventable death in the United States, and is directly correlated with heart attacks. Men and women who smoke have a 2 to 4 times higher chance of experiencing a heart attack, and are more susceptible to coronary heart disease. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Tobacco contains harmful chemicals in blood cells that damage the function of heart and blood vessels, increasing someone’s risk for atherosclerosis. Any amount of s...

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...le. We need to inform patients of signs and symptoms and inform them about the importance of heart attacks and heart disease. Focusing on primary prevention rather than trietary prevention is the only way we can see beneficial change. The World Health Organization (WHO) also agrees that life-style choices are a mor part of heart attack prevention. WHO suggests that psychical activity for just 30 minutes a day can drastically improve health in the future.
Although heart attacks are still a leading cause of coronary heart disease in America, we have come a long way in understanding preventative methods and risk factors for heart attacks. Not much was known about heart disease until the Framingham Study of 1948. Tbe Framingham Study was a chohort cardiovascular study on the residents of a town in Framingham Masschusets. Before Framingham most psychians had the idea
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