Psychopathy: Ed Gein's Bad Parents

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Time went particularly slow in Plainfield Wisconsin. As the name suggests, nothing truly newsworthy came out of Plainfield: it was completely plain. Men would work and occasionally hunt. Women kept the households, and children went to school and blithely played outside; nothing out of the ordinary ever occurred in Plainfield. The inhabitants of this small village of less than a thousand residents did not live through the rush and stress endemic to the cities, yet something odd and evil started to cook in the village in the years preceding 1957. Hunting season had started, and the vast majority of men spent a good deal of time out in the woods enjoying the sport; apparently nothing could disrupt the peace and ordinary in this village. However, shock came when a store clerk found his mother and truck missing upon his arrival to his store. He also found a puddle of blood and traces going back to where the truck originally parked. The traces led the police department to a middle-aged man’s tattered barn. This man, Edward Gein, did not really prove suspicious to anyone in Plainfield. He preferred solitude, and did not mingle with others much. He spent much of his time alone in his barn, and promptly contributed to the peace and quiet predominant in the village, but no one would have ever guessed what this man stored deep beneath his outer semblance. Upon entry to his unlit barn, the policemen made a gruesome discovery. The missing woman hung from the ceiling, skinned open like an animal. The head had been cut off, and much of the body presented severe cuts that resembled a cow in a butchery (Fox & Levin 2011, pp. 3-4). Sadly, this extremely macabre event was just the first discovery in a series of terrible findings. After scrutinizin... ... middle of paper ... ...hic disorders and the law. John Wiley & Sons. Retrieved from Fox, J.A. & Levin, J. (2011). Extreme killing: Understanding serial and mass murder. Retrieved from Hervé, H. (2007). The Psychopath: Theory, Research, and Practice. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Kenneth Bianchi: The Hillside strangler. Crime & investigation network. Retrieved 2013 November 7 from Nature (2013). Retrieved November 9, 2013 from Nurture (2013). Retrieved November 9, 2013 from Schechter, H. (2010) Deviant: The shocking true story of Ed Gein, the original psycho. Retrieved from

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