Psychological Effects Of Rape In The Hunting Ground, By Kirby Dick

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Imagine you have just arrived at your dream college and suddenly your life is ruined from a crime sexual assault, and the suffering mental and physical pain that follows from it. In the documentary, The Hunting Ground, director Kirby Dick portrays how rape is more frequently common in college campuses than what people really think, and how it effects the victim’s emotionally. Students that just get to college don’t realize the negative events that could happen the them. College is supposed to be the best time of people’s lives, but bad things can happen, and students, especially women, should come more prepared. Both men and women are being sexual assaulted daily, and it’s something that need to be fixed.
Excessive alcohol drinking by underage
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Right after the attack, individuals experience a sense of shock, which has a powerful effect on their emotions and reactions. They go in an emotional state from being confused as they are unable to recognize and accept on what just happened. Victims will ask themselves “why me?”, and find that it will takes a lot of time to re-adjust after. The physical, mental, and spiritual pain can pervade the everyday lives of the survivors. Many college students that go through short- term effects, can prolong into long-term, depending how affective the sexual assault was. Some of these individuals will develop depression, or even post-traumatic stress disorder. Victims may engage in heavy drinking or even abuse drugs to get over their overwhelming feelings, but that can just cause more issues for them in the future. Colleges should be more involved in helping out the survivors of rape. Getting a deep understanding on how difficult this experience is, there should be more help in guiding to heal each individuals path for the better. College initially puts a lot of pressure on students and this experience will only increase their anxiety and
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