Psychodynamic Theories Of Personality

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Psychoanalysts focus on the unconscious mind as the sole problem of all things. It has to do with your Id, the part of ourselves that contains our unconscious desires and immoral thoughts, our ego, our reality, and lastly our super ego, our ideal moral self. The part of ourselves that encourages us to do the right thing is the super ego. (Psychodynamic Theories of Personality, 5). If something is found to be affecting you in a wrong way, then it has to do with the Id controlling you or it could deal with the stages of personality that Freud came up with. The stages are: oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital. (Psychodynamic Theories of Personality, 8) Our case is of a 14 year old freshman named Jodie. She has been feeling hopeless and depressed since her mother passed away. She has been experimenting with illegal drugs and alcohol. She used to have good grades and a good GPA, but now she is failing over half of her classes. She also is not communicating with anyone in her family. Jodie is the oldest child of three and has the responsibility of taking care of her two younger brothers. Unfortunately now she neglects them. She leaves them home alone to take care of themselves. She does not feed them or watch over them. She has also been shoplifting and tried to commit suicide by taking 74 pills at once. Jodie is currently in the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. (Case Study, 2016). In the Psychodynamic perspective, Psychologists would focus on Jodie’s helplessness. Sigmund Freud and the neo-freudians analyze the fear of helplessness in the unconscious mind. Jodie’s helplessness and depression are caused from grief of losing her mother from liver disease. Her Id and Superego are in conflict with each other which is causing J... ... middle of paper ... ...t crimes which would anger Jodie and want to do it more (Shrock). Jodie’s father needs to be patient with her. The Psychodynamic perspective differs from all other perspectives by not prescribing medicine or blaming it on genetics. Jodie experienced a death in her family, and Psychologists who want to better Jodie would try to understand her, not give her prescription to cover the pain. Nothing biological happened to Jodie to make her behave this way. She was not predestined to become a rebel child because her mother died.The Psychodynamic perspective tries to resolve the conflict that is occurring in your ID, Ego, and Superego. When the ID, which is the devil on your shoulder, takes over you tend to do the wrong thing. (Psychodynamic Theories of Personality, Slide 5). The psychodynamic perspective understands what is happening in your brain that you can not see.
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