My Personal Theory Of Personality

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What is my personality? How do we develop our individual personalities? Was I born with a preset personality? And if so can my personality be changed well into adulthood? These are questions I asked myself, while I gather my thoughts as to what my personal theory of personality is. So far in my quest of self discovery and introspection, I can see that individual personality can be altered and is very adaptive throughout life. I see this in the ways that may individuals go into counseling and with time and true determination are able to move at times from unstable personality condition into healthier state of being. I truly believe that many aspects of theories already developed can be used to explain the development of personalities. Some of the most important theories that impact the development of my personality theory are the biological, attachment, and cognitive theories. I agree with the biological theory in the aspect that we may already have a “preset” personality. This personality is set up via our genes uniquely given to us by our parents, grandparent, and etc. Being a biology major, I have been taught that upon conception our genes which then lead onto our development in utero are…show more content…
In the textbook, Personality Psychology, this is the first case presented (in chapter 6) is of twins separated at birth and then raised with two different families, still showed very striking similarities throughout their lives. Such as marrying women with the same names and also liking the same type of cigarettes, beer and profession. Identical twins are the most identical due to having the same genetic make up, so if they are showing similar likes and dislikes it leads me to believe that we may have some aspect of a predetermined set of traits that are then incorporated into our
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