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"A noble five-point buck, he occupies a third of the width and height of the pictorial design, in the geographical centre of the forefront. Standing erect, head thrown far back, facing east, but with one eye on the audience, his forefeet stand firmly on the motto (Bennett, 2011)." This is what the state seal featured 1863. The final state seal is a testament of the ever changing face of Arizona as a prospector with fields adorns the back. The strong and proud heritage is seen in the constitution itself. It is the people that shaped the document. In this essay we will discuss the impact of the constitution on the counties, municipalities, corporations, and schools.

Arizona’s constitution affects its counties in many ways; first off they need to follow the generic design prescribed by the state constitution and statutes. According to the Constitution of Arizona section XII, it states that each county shall have the following elected officials: sheriff, county attorney, recorder, treasurer, assessor, superintendent of schools, and at least three supervisors. Each of these positions holds a four year in office term, and each supervisor is nominated and elected by a district within the county. The state of Arizona has fifteen counties all of which were established during the territorial period, when towns were relatively small and far between each other. Counties of more than 500,000 residents may form a county charter to determine county laws, which helps strengthen county governments by allowing them to make their own decisions and not having to ask the state legislature. Each county is governed differently depending on its size, each county brings with it its own challenges, but they still have to hold true to the state constituti...

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.... The people of Arizona therefore place an impact for the direction of the state in accordance to positive outcomes. Giving citizens their freedom of rights prior to becoming a state to now an established state ensures that the people have endured challenges to retrieve the successes of abundance within their state.


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