Pros And Cons: Policymaking And Access To Health Care

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Health experts generally classify five determinants of health, and two of them are policymaking and access to health services. These two factors through government interventions and public policies can have a potent effect on the overall wellness of individuals and communities. Policymaking processes related to health involve “policy-makers who set health priorities, regulate financing mechanisms, statute legislation, enforce regulations, purchase health care for their populations and” (W.H.O.) which officially configure the healthcare system of a society. Ideally, these processes also address the inequalities and other issues of healthcare delivery through efforts made by a government to facilitate individuals’ access to health resources and…show more content…
They assert that government involvements, through policymaking are needed for the attainment of the critical components of health system reform, and have identified six attributes of an ideal health care delivery system: (1) availability of patients ' clinically relevant information both to all providers at the point of care and to patients themselves through electronic health record systems; (2) active management through appropriate coordination among multiple providers; (3) accountability between providers and other health professionals through collaboration relevant to reliable delivery of high-quality, high-value care; (4) competence and responsiveness of providers to patients ' needs and patients easy access to appropriate care and information including after hours through multiple points of entry to the system; (5) clear accountability for the total care of patients; (6) continuous innovation and learning in order to improve the quality, value, and patients ' experiences of health care delivery. The Commonwealth Fund, however, highlighted that leadership is a vital element in the delivery, efficiency and success of health systems. These promising and optimistic proposals could be easier said than done, but The Commonwealth Fund foundation believes that “through reorganization at the practice, community,

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