Pros And Cons Of Using The Atomic Bomb

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Due to the claim that many people had on the atomic bomb by the dual mission to first to compel surrender of the Japanese and second to demonstrate Stalin that Uranium and Plutonium bombs could work in combat condition. I personally think that to first compel surrender of the Japanese should be to only protect ourselves. The United States is justified that I am guessing close to about a million allied lives would have been saved by using the atomic bombs to end the war. Obviously it wouldn 't all just happen over night or within a few days. Roughly for about a year or heavy fighting with many loses it would be to take down the main land. If you think about it though the Allies couldn 't really afford to lose time or delay. There were …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the united states is justified in using the atomic bombs to end the war.
  • Opines that pearl harbor could happen again, and that the americans could blockade japan and starve them out. they could drop bombs and kill thousands of japanese military and civilians.
  • Opines that dropping the bomb on hiroshima was justified because it saved more american lives. the second bomb wasn't harder to defend because they were still bombs that will kill hundreds of thousands of people
  • Opines that even in our society today, killing innocent people for no reason is a main point for them.
  • Opines that the atomic bomb was to end world war ii and make peace with the opposing countries, but it wasn't all that necessary.

Another reason the United States is justified is because they had many choices also. The Americans could just pack up and go home. Millions of Asians, particularly Chinese would be killed and there would be millions more that would be subjected to Japanese barbarism. Also if you think about it Pearl Harbor could always happen again. Another choice the Americans had were to blockade Japan and starve them out. If they did this there could be millions of Japan 's who would die of starvation. Mainly the reason for this is the Emperor and his military would not lose face by giving in. Another choice the Americans had were to just invade Japan. There probably was countless numbers of Japanese civilians killed. Also the next choice the Americans could have is to drop the bombs obviously. If you have some bombs and want to kill them you mid as well drop them. By dropping the bombs they could kill over thousands of Japanese 's military and civilians. By demonstrating Stalin that Uranium and Plutonium bombs would work in combat condition, they would have a better chance of killing more people than just a regular atomic …show more content…

Or would the world be better off if the bomb have never been built? I personally would not develop the bomb if there was an historical due over. Yes the main goal of the atomic bomb was to end World War II and make peace with the opposing countries, but it really wasn 't all that necessary. Truman pretty much dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to scare Japan into surrendering. If you think about it, it was almost like revenge for the Pearl Harbor. If he didn 't drop the bomb people could 've looked at it by the war would go on much longer and more U.S soldiers would 've died. If you think of it over all, it could 've been necessary for America and it wasn 't to necessary for the Japan 's. The main reason for the atomic bomb was to get revenge. I personally don 't believe in revenge. If someone has hurt you or did a punishment in the past or present in regards to that doesn 't mean that you have to get them back with revenge. I had one experience with my aunt who always wanted to get revenge on my other aunt. My one aunt by accident did a silly mistake and ticked my other aunt off and after that my aunt has always been trying to get back her for it. It really isn 't a big deal. Obviously there could 've been bigger examples of revenge like death or murder, but their is no reason to give some revenge just because you are angry and you want them to feel the way you felt. People

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