The Bombing Of Hiroshima

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The morning of August 6, 1945 in Hiroshima, Japan did not begin in any exceptional way; in fact the people had no idea that they were about to be part of one of the most significant mornings in all of history. At 8:15 am, the United States Army Air Forces dropped the first atomic bomb, ironically called, when one considers the enormity of the bomb's significance, the "Little Boy" Three days later the U.S. dropped a second bomb nicknamed the "Fat Man" on the town of Nagasaki, Japan. Historically, the use of the atomic bombs is seen as a decision that the United States made during WWII in order to end the war with Japan. Regardless of the motivation for using the bombs, they left a death toll of 210,000 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This essay will focus on the first bombing in Hiroshima. The bombing of Hiroshima, Japan not only changed the physical and emotional health, and culture of the Japanese people, but also changed the world. The inhumane bombing of Hiroshima had severe short and long term effects on Japan due to the reckless and inconsiderate actions of both President Truman and the United States. The initial effects on Japan were overwhelming, the land was devastated. The bomb literally destroyed everything in its path. Almost no one within 800 meters of the bomb's blast survived. Shockingly just the shells of two buildings were left standing in the immediate vicinity of the explosion site. The decimated land was such a horrifying site, the US feared retaliation even after the Japanese surrender. The atomic bomb not only destroyed the city of Hiroshima, but also affected thousands of people and caused thousands of deaths immediately after the bombing. Source one indicates how the people exposed to the high temperature of t... ... middle of paper ... ... he has no regrets about using the bomb. In fact, he actually named the plane Enola Gay after his mother. Source six provides a quote from Tibbets stating that he "did as I was told," and that he was defending his country to the best of his ability. He also says that he knew that he would be killing a lot of people, but he would also save a lot of lives because then the US would not have to invade Japan. Tibbets recognizes that innocent people were killed but says, "We've never fought a damn war anywhere in the world where they didn't kill innocent people." These quotes provide evidence that displays that Tibbets believes it was completely necessary to bomb Hiroshima even knowing that countless lives would be lost. In conclusion the bombing of Hiroshima took numerous lives due to the irresponsible and insensitive actions of President Truman and the American nation.

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