The Allies and the Atomic Bomb

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A single deadly weapon that could destroy the whole world was successfully developed during World War II. This weapon was no other weapon but the atomic bomb. Under the cooperation of the major powers in the Allied forces, the atomic bomb was produced. Soon after the success of the production of the atomic bomb, the major powers in the Allies agreed to use the atomic bomb. Due to their hatred against the Japanese, the Allies dropped the atomic bomb on Japan and showed no regrets for carrying out the plan. The United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom and China are among the major powers of the Allied Forces that unanimously agreed to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. The strongest among the Allies, the United States was the initiator of the plan of the atomic bomb. During World War II, Japan bombed the navy base of the United States known as Pearl Harbor(Depression & WWII). Fueled by the motivation to take revenge on Japan after the Pearl Harbor Incident, the United States decided to enter World War II. In order to defeat Japan as rapidly as possible, the United States initiated the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb (Chen). The two atomic bombs that were dropped on the two major cities of Japan led to the unconditional surrender of Japan. According to President, Truman the dropping of the “atomic bomb was the greatest thing in history.”(Wright) Therefore, even after seeing the devastating effects of the atomic bomb the United States showed no regrets of the plan of the atomic bomb. The United States government believed that it was a necessary act to drop the atomic bomb for the sake of ending the war as soon as possible. The Soviet Union responded to the development of the atomic bomb with compl... ... middle of paper ... with the United States and the United Kingdom (The Potsdam Conference). When China heard that the atomic bomb was dropped, the citizens of China responded with joy as the Japanese military power dismantled (Anderson). Believing that Japan deserved the atomic bomb, China celebrated the dropping of the atomic bomb and scorned at the failures of the Japanese. All in all, the Allies did not show any regret in the plan of the atomic bomb, but unanimously agreed that it was a successful plan to end World War II. The Allies believed that this plan saved the whole world from the evil acts undertaken by the Japanese. Yet, it is also true that the atomic bomb caused a devastating damage that can never be repaired. Even though the atomic bomb may be a harsh reality inflicted upon the Japanese, the atomic bomb ended the war before the number of casualties could increase.