Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing Necessary

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Are high stakes tests necessary?
What do all schools have in common? All schools in America require students to take a standardized test. It does not matter what their educational background is, standardized tests leads to anxiety and stress. These tests aren't necessary, and they do not accurately assess learning. Standardized testing has been around since the 19th century when Horace Mann first introduced standardized tests (“Standardized Testing”). Students should not take standardized tests because it does not accurately reflect students’ true abilities, does not improve education, and caused unintended negative consequences. First of all, students should not take standardized tests because it does not accurately reflect students’
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People who grade these tests have no idea who they are or what they are capable of, which means; they cannot tell how they will do in the future ("Standardized Testing Pros). These tests claim to measure students' intelligence, but fail to give every test taker an equal opportunity because sometimes when taking a test, a student might get tie into a personal situation("Standardized Testing"). Such as, family issues, personal issues, an emergency, or just having a rough day, which will lead to students’ not performing well on the test ("Standardized Testing"). Standardized tests only measure student's performance on the day of the test and ignore any other performance in class and outside of class so it cannot measure a student's true capability (“Standardized Testing”). Students might do well in school and get grades, but their standardized test scores might say otherwise depending on how they felt on the day of the test(“Standardized Testing”). For instance, some people are gifted in arts, music, or a band, but their talent cannot be showcased on high stake tests (“Why More…show more content…
(Ravitch). Standardized test scores might make students lose faith in their goals. When trying to become an expert at specific careers, many skills are required to students that the standardized testing does not provide (Brown). For instance, students do not learn creativity, perspective, and creative thinking on the tests and according to Brown, Roediger, and McDaniel, never learning these skills can impede the success of these students in real life (“Standardized Testing”). Standardized testing lacks skills such as creative thinking, compassion, and perspective (Sternberg). For instance, in standardized tests, whether it's a multiple choice test or true or false test, there is only one right answer (“Standardized Testing”). How about all the other options? Creative thinkers have the ability to think outside of a structure that offers more than one right answer. Moving on, students get complaints from parents saying they not smart enough when they do not pass they those standardized test (“Why More Standardized). What about many successful businessmen, architects, musicians, and soccer players? Did they pass standardized to be successful? However, standardized tests have such negative impact on students who fail those tests, because colleges require students to get good scores on the SAT and the ACT before admittance to the university
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