Pros And Cons Of Gun Reforms

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Gun-Reforms The Gun reform is a immensely political controversial issue in the United States now a days. Those in favor for gun reform argue that guns lead to higher crimes and make it unsafe to own a concealed weapon, armed citizens make people nervous not knowing the motives of the person, mental state, and reasoning of the person, even tough there are laws that will make possessing a fire arm illegal, there are still ways for a criminal to obtain one and make the sell of guns big in the black market. Those who are not in favor for gun reform argue that it is their Constitutional right to bear arms, to protect themselves from criminals or threats, and the law is changing because americans are not wanting stricter gun-laws. There has been…show more content…
In his article “The Truth About Mass Shootings and Gun Control: Crime and killings have fallen as gun ownership has increased” (2013) Benjamin Domenech states that “The hard truth is that none of the proposals that politicians and commentators have made--about guns, mental health, broken homes, cultural failings, violence in mass media, and so on--could have prevented this awful crime or any other similar crime yet to take place. No law can make the murderously insane sane or remove the ability to destroy innocent life from the hands of every mentally ill American.” Domenech supports this argument by giving examples of a mass shooting which one of them was “Sandy Hook”, studies in universities and how mass murders track closely with homicide rates. What Domenech is arguing is that there has been a persistent hearing about mass shootings in the United States that no matter how many laws you pass, no matter how many criminals you lock up, and no matter how many weapons you ban, there will still be terrible shootings that we cant avoid due to the mentally ill person who possesses a gun. All of these issues make americans be unquestionably fearful for any person, american or not to get nervous and anxious seeing an armed citizen walk around society with possession of a concealed…show more content…
In her article “Should lawmakers tighten firearm restrictions?” (2007) Barbara Mantel states that “Gun-rights advocates say right-to-carry laws, especially “shall-issue” laws, reduce crime. “The presence of a gun in the hands of good person makes us all safer. It 's true. History proves it” (38). Mantel supports her argument by giving many examples of mass shooting that have occurred in the United States the last past years, and the consequences of it. To avoid tragedies we need people with the possession of weapons to make us safer, the facts prove that mass shootings and attacks can be avoided by citizens with the right to be carrying a concealed weapon in order to protect himself and others citizens. Crimes reduce as well when citizens who are able to protect are at the scene when someone is trying to commit a

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