Pros And Cons For Vaccines

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Often we wonder if we are being the absolute best parent that we possibly know how to be. We question ourselves over and over to double check that we are always making the best decisions possible for our children. Are we feeding them the correct food, so that they are getting enough nutrition in their bodies to grow? Did they get enough exercise today so that their little bodies burned enough energy to make everything work right? It is a constant battle, we never stop questioning ourselves because we want to do the best for our children so they grow up to be strong, healthy and live the longest life they possibly can. In the past several years the issue of vaccines has risen. Are vaccinations safe and effective and are they actually linked to developmental disorders and autoimmune diseases? If you believed everything you heard on TV shows or that you’ve read on anti-vaccine Internet sites, you might never allow your child to be vaccinated. You’ve probably heard some of the arguments made by mothers that are anti-vaxers. One vaccine or another is said to cause autism, or brain damage, or multiple sclerosis, and even seizures. Sometimes they warn you that…show more content…
But also there has been an unexplained increase in the number of children suffering with chronic disease and disability. The cause of these children may be factors of child nutrition, the environmental toxins in the world and then also the lifestyles they live. To many children are dying at a young age still parents want something to blame. Children developing chronic brain problems and also weaken immune systems, causing development issues with their mental and physical development. But we cannot blame advances in science for the problems we are having with our children that could be caused by other factors in our lives with the
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