Pros Against Minimum Wage

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In my short life, I’ve worked two minimum wage paying jobs. My first job was as a fry cook at Chick Fil-a when I was 16, and my second and current job is at Sports Authority. Minimum Wage is defined as “the lowest amount employers can their employees for each hour of work.” As minimum wage paying jobs, they were looked at, in my case anyways, as a way to have some extra pocket change and gas money. And that is the way most Americans view jobs such as fast food: as a place for teenagers to make money throughout high school and college and maybe even learn the value of a dollar. Minimum wage was originally established to reduce poverty. It was also made up to do away with sweat shops and companies not paying minors and others a fair wage for…show more content…
Some policymakers may believe that companies simply absorb the costs of minimum wage through reduced profits, but that’s rarely the case. Instead, businesses rationally respond to such mandates by cutting employment and making other decisions to maintain their net earnings. These behavioral responses usually offset the positive labor market results that policymakers are hoping for.” “The positive labor market results that policymakers are hoping for” are points such as “Raising minimum wage encourages harder workers” and that an increase will “stimulate the economy by putting more money into the hands of employees for them to be able to spend more” which cannot be done, however, with inflation, because everything continues to get more expensive. Another con to raising minimum wage is that the value of even a minimum wage job increases, which means employers will look for a lot more production out of employees. Right now, the U.S> mandated minimum wage is at $7.25. Even the most unskilled worker can get a job at a McDonalds or Burger King or other restaurants. However, with an increase in minimum wage, as I said earlier about quality over quantity, employers will look for better quality workers and have much higher standards as to who they bring in to the company. A minimum wage increase to $10.10, which is the current proposal nationwide, would see the value of a job, even a fry cook, increase and that is trouble for unskilled
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