Promoting Natural Beauty and Cultures of Indonesia to The World Promoting Natural Beauty and Cultures of Indonesia to The World

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Promoting Natural Beauty and Cultures of Indonesia to The World

The Republic of Indonesia is known as the largest archipelago in the world comprising more than 17,000 tropical islands, located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans and the biggest islands are: Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi, and Papua. Indonesia is not complete without one of the most famous island in the world, Bali, famous for its beautiful beaches and strong culture of Indonesia. Besides being famous for its landscapes, Indonesia is also known as a country that is rich of diversity: ancient temples, religions, music, dance, rituals and ways of life are changing from region to region (“Ultimate Diversity,” 2013). According to the latest national census in 2010, the population of Indonesia is 237.6 million, with 58% of the population live in Java (“Central Bureau of Statistics,” 2010) and it makes Java becoming the world’s most populous island according to (Calder, 2007). However, such condition does not make Indonesia become less attractive. In 2012, Indonesia reached the number of eight million foreign tourists visited Indonesia, more than nine million in 2013, and the ministry has set a target to reach ten million in 2014 (Marboen, 2013). Some points that are often expressed about tourism in Indonesia are as a source of foreign exchange, development funds, and stimulant of economic activity (Atmadja, 2008). Since tourism is quite important to support some points, certainly, it has to be maintained. Promoting Indonesian tourism is one of the ways to increase the number of visitor arrivals to Indonesia, but the ways to promote may vary.
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...ian tourism. By having representatives abroad, gradually improving advertisement, actively participate in creative industry such as fashion, entertaining people, and organize some special events may some of many ways that can help promoting Indonesian tourism. The government has been giving all the great efforts to develop although it is actually far from easy since the government has to promoting while preserving Indonesia’s natural beauty. In addition, Indonesian tourism may give great contribution during the development of Indonesia. Besides, being Indonesian may be a pride. Indonesian should realize the importance of cultures. To be able to comprehend it, people should go to some communities and observe, participate in, and experience (Weisner, 2011). Indonesians should proudly show to the world all the natural beauty, cultures, and diversity that Indonesia has.