Japanese Tourism Essay

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Japan is a country with countless attraction and points of interest, whether its heritage, food, popular culture or dark tourism, Japan as a tourism destination can offer many things. Because of the saturation of culture there are many types of tourism which apply (Berger 2010). Cultural tourism, adventure, ecotourism, food and family tourism and even sex tourism to name a few and with the increasing relevance of Otaku1 culture in the western world, Japans popularity as a holiday destination has increased drastically. The popularity of Japanese tourism can largely be attributed to the growing cultural interest displayed by the visitors which means that cultural exploration is one of the more significant reasons of visitation.
In Japan tourism
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Berger, (2010) states that as cultural destination currently Tokyo and Kyoto, form a cultural perspective, are the most important cities in Japan. Culture and heritage tourism has a darker side however, in some cases niche holidays to the “darker” parts of Japan are available, from the tragic Hiroshima site to the infamous and largely restricted Japanese suicide forest where many people all around the world are known to commit suicide. Food tourism also falls under this section as Japanese food is so culturally distinctive. There are tours dedicated to dining in Japanese restaurants, food preparation and correct ways of ingredient shopping. Tokyo is considered to have some of the most world renowned restaurants available to the general public (Berger, 2010). People who participate in these activities are largely Psychocentric organized mass tourists. While they enjoy seeing a new destinations, they like to do so from a certain comfort zone. Interaction with local groups are kept to a minimum and all tours are organised by travel or tourism agencies. They follow premade schedules and most commonly travel to locations advertised by the travel…show more content…
Because of the Japanese governments environmental and heritage preservation policies trekking, climbing Mt Fuji River rafting and sightseeing is a tourist favourite. The natural beauty of the country is one of the main attractions. This is a very common choice for Drifter tourists. These Allocentric tourists plan their trips alone, cost effectiveness is of high priority, and usually they will reside in hostels or with friends in the country. People who fall under this category are backpackers. They have a very high desire to mix with the local population. There is dominant novelty and association with home and environmental bubble is non-existent with this tourist
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