Prometheus and the Secrets of this World

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The Earth, the home of the human civilization for over 2,000. It had its pros and cons, gifts and mostly, secrets. There has been many people who have unlocked this secrets. Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, who did something that was considered impossible at the time. Albert Einstein, who discovered what today's world foresees. Thomas Edison, the man who changed the world he lived in forever. Henry Ford, who took his country to a whole new level. These are just few of many that discovered the secrets of this world. The secrets of this world are up for grabs, and only the ones who desire them will unlock them, they will need to overpass obstacles of all kinds, like Prometheus's journey, all to the end of benefiting society.

Prometheus satisfies his ego in his secret cesspool. This is considered a transgression for his totalitarian government. He desired the secrets of the Earth so bad he broke the law to discover a benefit to his society. He defied his collectivism based rules and risked his life to discover the revolutionary idea of the light bulb. Which would replace the current...
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