Project Team And Project Management

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Project Team is the group of people who work towards the common goal and share the responsibility to get the positive outcome. Robinson & Robinson (1994) define a team as a group of people, but all groups do not qualify as teams. Team members usually work under the project manager and it requires involvement from the different department. Katzenbach and Smith (1994) defines team as a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and common approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.
The most important responsibility of project manager is to build an effective team. Acquire project team is the process for obtaining the human resources needed to complete the project (PMBOK, 2013).However managing the project team is the toughest part of the project because people can be hard to predict, their moral level can go up and down and the worst part is that some may leave the project in an unplanned manned, which has a direct impact in the project objective. Thamhain (1998) describes effective teams as the ones that produces high quality results and succeed in spite of many difficulties and cultural or philosophical differences.
Problem statement
Project manager is the person who does planning and schedules project task and day to day management of project execution. They play a vital role in each phase of the project life cycle. However, there is always a chance of cancellation or delay of the project in the team work because of the disfunctionality of the team and the team leader. Team leader has power on individuals in a team who reports directly to the project manager who must adopt five important roles that is initiator, model, negotiator, ...

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...ess each person’s level of comfort or willingness to be in a virtual setting, and look for any behavior that may signal that a team worker is suffering from “disconnection”.
• Use Collaboration Tools
The project manager needs to ensure that the team members are trained in and have a comfort using technologies.
Project team members have multiple loyalties and if the team is not cohesive, these divided loyalties can be harmful to the success of the project. However, the variety of team building techniques can be undertaken to help make teams in working environments more cohesive and successful. The seasoned and successful managers and leaders will continually analyze the team; determine which of Tuckerman’s phases the team is in, as well as the needs of individuals, so that effective team building techniques can be employed appropriately (Davey, Karen).

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