Project Manager Case Study

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The roles of project sponsor and project manager are both vital to the success of a project. Assuming these roles within a major corporation is a huge task and can takes the use of certain strategies to complete projects successfully. During most projects it is custom for the project manager to work closely with the project sponsor from start to finish. When each individual understands what their role in the project is, and the other’s role, they can then easily work together to ensure a smooth completion is successful. This paper will cover three strategies that a sponsor can use to help ensure project success, and also three strategies that a project manager can use to help ensure project success. I will describe how the strategies are used…show more content…
If a project sponsor has been championing a project and it finally got approved one of the next steps should be to set performance standards. This strategy is important because it allows the goals to be set in regards to the project’s strategic value, and also how the goals will be measured. Having set goals and a plan of how to keep track of them is a key element of a successful project. During this time is also when the sponsor would select a project manager for the project and start to mentor them. Another important strategy is to develop relationships with the key stakeholders. “Successful executive sponsors create an environment that is conducive to effective communication between project teams and stakeholders” (Kloppenborg & Tesch, 2015). The project sponsor should be the bridge between the project’s customer and the project, ensuring communication about planning and desires. This is an important part of the success of a project because maintain relationships, effective communication, and quality performance is what helps keep everything running smoothly. The next strategy for a successful project is to ensure there is a solid evaluation process set up to review the project once it reaches completion. This is an important step because it will determine if everything is completed correctly, if the expectations were fully met, and to make sure the customer’s needs have been met. If a project is completed successfully it can open the door to future
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