Project Management Case Study 1

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Picture a person who that is juggling doing several things at once; they are balancing a stick in one hand and another stick on their nose. Each stick has a plate on the top that they want to keep spinning without losing balance or dropping either. There is a lot going on in those actions including the exact timing of when to reach up and spin a plate, constant body movement to keep the sticks balanced as not to fall, and a continued push from the free hand to keep both plates spinning. This paradigm could be used to describe integration knowledge area of project management. Schwalbe (2014) defines project management as, “Coordinating all other project management knowledge areas throughout a project’s life-cycle. This integration ensures that all the elements of a project come together at the right…show more content…
44, and “Case Wrap-Up” p. 72. Scope Management Tom Walters, IT Director Southwest College did visit other schools with established technology programs. However, no formal research or planning at his campus was completed to support his technology project. There was no planning done to determine how the project would proceed, be managed, or the potential effect any of the stakeholders. No requirement was made in regards to documenting and tracking of the proposed project. There was no defined project scope, and as such none of the project’s deliverables were ever divided into manageable portions (Schwalbe, 2014, p.44). When Tom finally discussed his project in an open forum his plan was opposed by all department heads. Many of the professors were not computer savvy, nor did they have the time to devote to the laborious task of restructuring their course material to operate on the proposed devices. It seems that he was left without much support for his project, and it was shot down before it even began (Schwalbe, 2014, p.44). Time
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