Project Bandra-Worli Sea Link And Challenges

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Answer: Project Bandra-Worli Sea Link and Challenges faced.
Bandra - Worli sea link has become a landmark for Mumbai city, it is among the most advanced and complex construction project ever in India. This project was conceived in 1990’s but it got delayed by 5 years due to which the cost got raised from approx. Rs. 350 crore to Rs 1306 crore and then to crore 1634 crore. It was a MSRDC project which has been executed by Hindustan Construction Company and illumination worth of Rs 9 crore has been done by Bajaj electrical. It is built over the Mahim Bay and connects Bandra (suburb) & Worli (central Mumbai). The sea link is 8 lane wide and length is 5-6 km, 3.8 km over the sea. The first four of the eight lanes were opened to the public on 30 June 2009 and all eight lanes were opened on 24 March 2010. The Sea link reduces the travelling time from 60-90 min’s to 20-30 min’s during peak hours.

The construction of Bandra Worli sea link project faced various challenges like: Opposition from fisher folks who resided nearby, construction challenges, technology challenges, location challenges, engineering challenges and concerns from environmentalist. Also the project was delayed by 5 years due to which the cost raised high from approx. 350 crore to Rs 1634 crore which meant high toll fee in coming years. Further there were challenges faced with the Planning and Implementation of the Project
• Opposed by Fisher folks: Fisher folk of Koliwada Worli strongly opposed the construction of Bandra Worli sea link as it affected their livelihood. They had voiced out the issue stating the pillars which were constructed in the sea will create issue for them while fishing. Further the earning of Fisher folks were also affected as the state had r...

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...ransportation and navigation challenge: Experts had made judgment related to sea behavior, weather condition. However navigation and transporting 19 precast segments at different open sea location in 24 hrs was a challenge.

• Maintaining adequate food supply for workers and employees at site: Maintaining adequate food supply for workers and employees at site was also a big challenge. There were around 2500 people working in shift at 30 different location and arranging adequate and timely food supply was a big challenge.

• Language and culture challenge : There were also language and cultural challenge faced as there were people from different countries who had come together to work on this project.

Further there were other challenges like limited funds and working capital, limited time to execute and complete the work, weather conditions, legal challenges etc.

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