Professionalism In Physical Therapy

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Developing professional behavior as a student in a doctor of physical therapist degree program, is helping to lay the foundation of becoming a professional in physical therapy after graduating. Working with physical therapists, as a rehabilitation aide, I have first-hand experience of professionalism in the context of being a physical therapist. Knowing when it is okay to have fun and when a more serious manor is necessary is one of the characteristics of professionalism to me. When the therapists are working with patients they have to find a balance of having fun and building rapport with patients but staying professional in the process. Being a student, finding that balance is also very important. Being able to have fun with the professors and your classmates is important since you are going to be spending the majority of your time with them throughout the doctorate degree program. Similar to being a physical therapist, there are going to be times throughout the three years of the doctorate program that a more professional and serious manor is necessary. Professionalism is having respect for your classmates and professors. During undergraduate classes, I think some students take the curriculum a little less serious, whether it be studying less, being on a cell phone or laptop during class instead of designating that time to learning and giving the lecture their undivided attention. Having well developed communication skills and confidence are going to be key characteristics of being a professional in the doctor of physical therapist degree program. When clinical rotations begin, making conversations with patients can be difficult and awkward for some students. As mentioned before, I am a rehabilitation aide and having this job ... ... middle of paper ... the speed and content of the course is going to be faster and more in depth than it was during undergraduate courses. Professionalism in the context of being a student in a doctorate in physical therapy degree program is going to have a variety of different meanings to each and every student that gets accepted. Even though we may all have different definitions, what is the most important is that each of those students hold themselves accountable for being the most professional student possible. Making sure the students are making their classes their top priority and are trying to learn the content to the best of their ability in order to become the best practitioners possible in efforts to provide the best care to patients is hopefully a part of everyone’s idea of what it means to be a professional as a student in the doctorate in physical therapy degree program.
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