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The United States of America has had a long history of education systems regarding what should be taught in schools and by what methods. In the mid-1800s in the United States there was a struggle between private and public school systems of who would get funding money, public schools won that struggle and most of the education funding went to the public schools (Wooster 5). But after that struggle was solved another one rose, what should be taught in public schools (Wooster 11). The education debate of what should be taught in public schools led to a movement called “progressive education” that would have two [parts]” (Wooster 11). “The first movement changed the way American schools were organized and controlled” and “the second wave altered the school curriculum” (Wooster 11). The problem of what should be taught in public schools has been a problem in the education system until now. Many reformations have come up to try and solve the struggle of what should be taught in school such as the “Outcome Based Education” system (Sykes 242), the No Child Left Behind program, and now the Common Core State standards. All of these reformations and counter reformations have led the education system in this country downhill, each one making it worse and worse (Sykes 225). All of the programs trying to fix our education system has failed due to lack of teacher participation, kids’ apathy towards education and learning, and the “dumbing” down of school curriculum (Joy). These are also the reasons why the Common core state standards are not succeeding today. Common Core Standards should not be instituted in the public education system of this country because the effects of them are not known, the states that have replaced their curriculum with...

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...that is linked to them” (“Goodbye to Public schools”).
This country has been struggling with education reform for a very long time and it has not been succeeding. These reforms have not been succeeding because of a lack of some core values such as the appreciation of teachers, the uniqueness of each child (and how he or she should be approached), and the apathy that an increasing number of children harbor towards learning. The Common Core Standards tried to fix these problems, but they went about fixing the problem the wrong way and with the wrong people. Common core also instilled these changes way to fast and did not give the former education system time to see what is wrong with the standards in order to attempt to fix it. Common Core Standards are a good idea, but so far, as it played out through the states, it has had far more negative than positive effects.

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