Problems Facing the Internet

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Problems Facing the Internet

Every new technology has raised privacy issues. Today Internet is raising new issues about privacy and security among others. Right now there are many legal and ethical battles going on about the Internet and yet there are not consolidated laws regulating the Internet. In other words the Internet is self-regulated. Many organizations are trying to come up with laws that will regulate the World Wide Web. On the other hand there are private citizens and organizations that argue that the Internet should be self-regulated.

The Internet revolution it's starting to overwhelm us. It's antiquating our laws, reshuffling our economy, reordering our priorities and redefining our workplaces. The principles of the actual world are difficult, if not finally impossible, to apply to the Internet. Legislators and citizens are trying to apply the Constitution to the Internet, but the major problem is applying this document to the World Wide Web. For many citizens of the actual world, this is not a problem; they say just apply the constitution as we do to the actual world. For others however, this kind of thinking is part of the problem. Just applying it to a virtual world, they argue, is an unjust application that really, in the long run, cannot be implemented.

The ethic of sharing information is a major challenge to what we, in constitutional and economic terms, have considered the very concept of property or proprietary goods to be. Private information has been shared even with out the Internet, but now it's easier for organizations to access and collect personal information. Everywhere we look, things are looking back at us, and they're taking notes. Government and law enforcement agencies are using sophist...

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...ate than their parents. Actions should be taken to protect children from obscenity, pornography and indecency in the Internet. Just as we have laws against murder and we have laws against speeding. We still have murder and we still have speeding. But I think that we very likely would have more murders and more speeders if we didn't have laws as a deterrent.

Internet is growing constantly and is becoming a hard to regulate the entire world networks and every country has it's own laws, policies, and ethical values. Until this day we have come up with technical standards for the entire Internet but there are not yet ethical standards that rule the World Wide Web. Governments of the world should nurture laws and standards for ethical issues for this huge network. Also we need to be aware of Internet threats and learn how to protect our privacy when using the Internet.
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