Pro Legalization of Prostitution

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Pro Legalization of Prostitution

The world’s largest trade, prostitution, has always found ways to overcome the

legal attempts to suppress it. Prostitution has become one of the most common trades

throughout the world. Many poor countries have turned to prostitution as an outlet

from their economic difficulties. It is the easiest from of labor for those who do not have

a proper education or the economic background to join the legal labor force. Many men

and women have found this line of work to be extremely rewarding in monetary aspects.

Therefore the globalisation and popularity of prostitution is not seen as a huge surprise.

Prostitution has been on the streets and behind doors since the sixteenth century.

It was present during the medieval period through the Victorian period and now to the

present time. In the past, prostitution was seen as morally wrong and a great “social

evil”. During the medieval time in Europe and England, prostitutes were fully exploited

by society. In medieval Europe and England, prostitutes were known to be single women

who could not marry. There were not many opportunities for single women in the labor

force during this time. If women were unable to marry, they turned to prostitution as an

alternative out of economic necessity. The medieval society felt the need to stigmatize

and exploit the single women for prostitution. The Victorians saw prostitution as a

“social evil” and refused to accept it in their society. Prostitution was tolerated in a

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sense, but seen as big nuisance in the streets. Society was disturbed by it, but did nothing

to change the problem. Children were forced into prostitution by ...

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...arming society.

Prostitution has been around many centuries and will not be eradicated any time in the

near future. All of the legal attempts to suppress it have been conquered every time

because of corruption in the legal force. If legal officers tolerate a crime, then it is not

going to be stopped or fixed. The popular concept of supply and demand is the reason

prostitution has sustained and overcome attempts to eradicate it. Since prostitution is not

disappearing in the near future, it only makes sense to legalize it. This way it will be

healthier and above ground where it can be controlled. Legalizing prostitution will turn

an unhealthy and foul practice into a legitimate profession. Prostitution is in our society

for good and will never be eradicated; instead it will be improved and should be made a

legitimate profession in the future.
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