Principles Of Job Enrichment

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-The HIM Department had a goal in mind, and that was to not only work harder, but work smarter as well. They knew there would need to be changes made to accomplish this goal. Goal setting is not just stating you have a goal but making that goal specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. (Carpenter, M., Taylor, B., Erdogan, B. (2009) The HIM Department, set their goal, made it specific (job enrichment), they used their tools to measure the effectiveness, and learn how to make it achievable and realistic. Small and large changes can go into effect immediately but may not have a huge effect for some time. They made their changes in order to reach their goal in a timely manner. How are the principles of job enrichment applied in this case? - The principles of job enrichment is a redesign technique that allows…show more content…
By giving more control to the employee, it allows some to have the freedom they need to feel more relaxed in their job duties and overall motivation in their job. However, for some employees it could be less motivational. For some, the freedom is stressful. They need the structure and direction to complete their jobs. “The purpose of job enrichment is to offset the monotony of routine tasks.” (Layman, 2011) It is important for managers and employees to communicate these issues in order to make the right changes. The HIM Department used many tools to help them along the way to job enrichment. One of those tools that would help with communication and understanding where everyone stands in completing a survey. This satisfaction survey evaluates administrators, clients, and workers on their satisfaction with the products, services, work environment, and organization context. They also use, Job Diagnostic surveys, performance reports, personnel reports. Job description reviews, charts, studies, logs and
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