Pride In Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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Odysseus from Homer’s The Odyssey is a man with many strengths, but not without faults. One of Odysseus’ biggest faults is his pride or hubris. Throughout the story, Odysseus’ pride gets him into a lot of trouble, but pride isn’t always a bad thing… Without pride, everyone would just be completely self conscious and paranoid. Odysseus’ pride in particular in The Odyssey seems to act in a way closer to the bad side. It appears to get him into a lot of trouble, but is that really pride? Odysseus’s pride could also be looked at more as a helpful quality, because helps him accomplish what needs to be done. There are many examples in The Odyssey where Odysseus appears to get himself into trouble because of his hubris, but the most discussed of which is likely Odysseus’…show more content…
When Odysseus encounters the siren, everyone is made get away from the water and plug their ears. Odysseus, on the other hand, has himself tied to the mast of the ship with no earplugs. Though it it is never really confirmed why Odysseus does this, there are many speculations. Some could argue that this was due to Odysseus’ hubris, that he did it just to show off or because he thought he could reject the song. There are a few that suppose Odysseus did this simply out of curiosity, or perhaps because it was fun. Others say that Odysseus’ actions were a real leadership move, that doing this was the bravest thing he could have done. By getting himself tied to that mast, he was risking his life for the good of his crew, now he could see the siren and hear its song to work out a way to permanently avoid the siren, for everyone. Odysseus clearly knew what he was doing because the text shows the crew was not worried by saying “Then they found me hand and foot and fastened to be up right against the mask, took their places and paddles on.”
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