Pride Goeth Before The Fall

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Everyone has character flaws. Some are harmful, others are a nuisance. In a way character flaws will always come back to make your life miserable unless you will learn to control them. William Shakespeare a phenomenal dramatist from the 1600’s incorporates this moral into abundance of plays, and in Macbeth he a does prodigious job. Macbeth is the most horrific of Shakespeare’s tragedies because the protagonist commits such bloodthirsty acts. There are heaps of powerful themes, morals and symbolism introduced by Shakespeare to the reader. One of the more meaningful ones was the deterioration of Macbeth, a strong valiant hero with so much promise that ultimately fails and degenerates into a corrupt, merciless tyrant who choices to embraces evil. In general, despite Macbeth’s actions at the beginning of the play; where he quells a military coup against Scotland, his flaws determine his fate. Indeed it can be shown that Macbeth’s pride vulnerability, vaulting ambition, and over confidence brought him to kingship and change the tragic hero into a sinister tyrant, bringing him closer to his death.

Pride will always bring a man to their downfall, which is true for Macbeth; Shakespeare made Macbeth a character with multitude amount of pride, which is ones of his major character flaws. Macbeth has an arrogant personality, because of his many triumphant battles Macbeth was apprehending the title of; Price of Cumberland-the highest honor after king. When it was bestowed upon Malcolm, Macbeth was mortified. As a proud man this was a slap to the face, he thought that he was a better representative of that title which provoked him into to becoming king while pushing all morality aside. Because of Macbeth’s inability of any modesty or humi...

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...he throne. His ambition changed him and takes charge of his own actions when he plans the murder of Banquo and hired the murderers himself without consulting his wife at all. Banquo because he was the He was never really content; he was always thinking of outcomes that may happen that prevents him from keeping the throne. As a metaphor Macbeth says:

This is an example of Macbeth’s ambition taking over; he has the throne by means of murder and now to maintain the crown he has commit violent bloodshed. This affects his judgment; his ability to sleep, his reign; his relationships with family, nobles, and his countrymen. In short Macbeth’s ambitions led to treason, murder and heinous killings of his friends and subjects. And while his killing spree grew his ambition grew within his head as well, until his thirst for power caused him to die at the hands of Macduff.
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