Presidio La Bahia

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Presidio La Bahia The Presidio la Bahia is a National Historic Landmark and is still part of the Catholic Church as the one and only Spanish fort remaining. The Presidio la Bahia is translated to fort on the bay and the Our Lady of Loreto Chapel was built on the site of where LaSalle’s defeated Fort St. Louis west of Garcitas Creek near Port Lavaca in 1721 to protect the coastline from the French it was established by the country of Spain. Another fact about the name is Presidio la Bahia this name also appears in Spanish Records as Nuestra Señora Santa María de Loreto de la Bahía del Espíritu Santo in order to honor Our Lady of Loreto. The main reason that Presidio la Bahia was began was to protect Nuestra Señora del Espíritu Santo del Zuñiga Mission also to keep the French from the Spanish territory also to guard the interests of the Spanish Crown. That location was left in 1726 due to problems with the Karankawa Indians. Then it was moved inland near Victoria during the time it was there it became very prosperous and was had farming and cattle ranching that supplied food for the Presidio and other missions with plenty of food. It moved to the present site of what is now Goliad, Texas in 1749. In February 1750 only 4 months after the move was commanded by Captain Manuel Ramìrez de la Piszena and it had a large barracks and forty temporary houses built out of wood and caliche for the garrison soldiers and their families. Presidio La Bahia served as the defense of the coastal area after the Presidios at Los Adaes and Los Orcoquisac were closed although it is inland. Because of this Presidio La Bahia was the only fort to participate in the American Revolution in 1776. It played a very important part in The Amer... ... middle of paper ... ...s. Web. 25 June 2010. 9 Flags At Presidio La Bahia - Goliad, Texas. Web. 25 June 2010. NUESTRA SEÑORA DE LORETO PRESIDIO. . Web. 25 June 2010. Picture Tour of Presidio La Bahia. Web. 25 June 2010. Presidio La Bahia. Web. 25 June 2010. Presidio La Bahia Where Texas History Comes Alive. Web. 25 June 2010. The Goliad Massacre. Web. 25 June 2010. The Texas Revolution. Web. 25 June 2010. Under Nine Flags. Web. 25 June 2010.

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