Presidents Nixon and Clinton

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The American Presidency has been riddled with scandal since its creation back in the eighteen-hundreds. The men that have held the highest office in the country have each had their own ups and downs, victories and defeats, moments of shame and pride. Modern Presidents are no exception to the repetition of history; both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton’s Presidency have been threatened by scandal. Richard Nixon’s career was destroyed by several scandals but the infamous Watergate Scandal was the apex of it all and Clinton’s career was debilitated by his extra marital affairs and dishonesty. While both Clinton and Nixon were the only modern Presidents to face impeachment, Clinton was the only one of the two whose career survived. Richard Nixon was a very unique personality; he was very different from his predecessor Lynden B. Johnson. Prior to running for the presidential office Nixon was a Congressman, senator, and former Vice President Nixon lost his first bid for the White House to John F. Kennedy. However, Nixon succeeded in his second attempt at the oval office in the 1968 electi...

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