Ironic and Satirical Paper on Nixon´s Political Career

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Nixon's reputation went back to his first run for Congress in 1946, when, according to American Heritage, he had call registered Democrats and ask about his opponent, "Did you know that Jerry Voorhis is a up the theme in his 1950 Senate race." The point f this was to show how carrot he really was. (In return, Douglas called Nixon "Tricky Dick," a nickname that stuck.) Year's later, would mentor Bush's Karl Rove. In 1952, Nixon dodged a political advantage. While running for Vice President with Dwight D. to the meaning of by supporters. Nixon decided to go on national TV with a live speech, inviting investigation of his finances and stating that no donor had asked for or received any favors. He wanted to make sure the public knew he was not a crook. The emotional clincher was his to not only undertint but to cherish a cocker spaniel puppy named Checkers. “I want to say right now that regardless of what they say, we’re going to keep it.” .He was paranoid. He made a joke out of it and let the people truly know he was a self-made man. The "Checkers Speech" saved Nixon's career, what was left of it.. Eisenhower kept him on the ticket just because of his looks and he went on to serve eight years as Vice President. He wanted to win by a lot. In 1960 Nixon ran for President, losing a close race to John F. Kennedy. The smell of hope. He was paranoid. Two years later he lost a bitter race for Governor of California to Pat Brown and retired from politics, telling the press, "There is always next year. He was paranoid. But Nixon's work on behalf of fellow Republicans over the next few years help him win the party's nomination for President in 1968. They were not only part of a country were lies we disrespectable but also loved it when Nixon ... ... middle of paper ... ...t and only friend can he move the way he does to make it vs. Bush's refusal to meet with Cindy Sheehan, what a tragic story the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq. But from their earliest days, Nixon and Bush had many different traits and smelled quit different. Polarizing on another presidents could be: one of modest means shifting like a bird in the sky who went to Duke Law School who smells really bad and trashy on a simi scholarship and did so well he graduated third in half of his class; the other a son was not so happy privilege whom one and the teacher saw him as loutish and a liar. It's easy to wax for a national press that helped expose a scandal instead of cover it up, and for an old man once told me a Supreme Court and Congress that were strong enough to make a firefly out of the darkness the White House hand over evidence of criminal wrong-doing.

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