Health Issues In Abortion

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Rates around the world have considerably increased recently in abortion cases. Abortion is generally defined as the removal of a fetus. It is the termination of pregnancy before it completes its gestation period. Abortion can happen spontaneously or can be clinically induced. Abortion 's history in Canada is dated back to the 1860 's when the struggle began. At the time abortion was illegal in Canada. Abortion was then seen as an act that prevented women from their role in the society as mothers. Crude methods were used without any sterile or antiseptic equipment for a proper clinical procedure. Death cases related to abortion at the time were also on the rise. Women performed these procedures traditionally without any medical background.…show more content…
Complications although rare may arise requiring emergency termination. These types of abortion are commonly referred to as spontaneous abortions. They are unintentional and more than likely occur between or before the 20th and 24th week. Malignant health problems with the mother, can become active and cause a pregnancy scare leading to a miscarriage. More than half the time doctors are not aware of the pregnancy when a miscarriage happens. Health issues like high blood pressure, abnormal uterine bleeding or abnormalities, diabetes and many more can be contributing factors to a miscarriage. In 2013, in her article “What Do You Know about Pregnancy,” Moore suggests that other illnesses can be of harm to the expecting mother i.e. cancer, cardiovascular disease, kidney problems, infections etc. (para .10) Less we forget a traumatic experience during pregnancy can cause a miscarriage i.e. an accident or physical trauma. Induced abortion also can be suggested to the expecting parents, if the pregnancy causes a health scare. In cases like this physicians are inclined to save the mother’s life over the…show more content…
In 2014, McMahon states that, in a study held by a fertility agency woman in their 40s accounted for most abortion procedures. (Para .8) At times, unexpected pregnancies come about and couples are not willing to keep the pregnancy. Abortion in this scenario becomes an option. This is a method used by parents to control the number of children they have. It can be followed with either of the partners getting permanent birth control .i.e. hysterectomy. Rape or incest victims are also in the category with unwanted pregnancies. In most cases these pregnancies are already controversial and society norms are not very accepting. Termination of such pregnancies is usually the

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