PowerPoint Process

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PowerPoint Process
What is PowerPoint? PowerPoint is a graphics program created to make it easier for the user to produce a quality presentation. Every few years Microsoft, the company that owns PowerPoint, will release a new version of the program. This is done to keep up with any new technology or to add new visual effects to the program. Just as most innovative pieces of technology do, PowerPoint has undergone a process to become what it is today.
Background Information
PowerPoint, formally known as Presenter, was originally created by two PhD students of the University of California-Berkeley in 1984. This was turned into its first official version of software after Microsoft bought the rights in 1990 for Windows 3.0. From that day forward PowerPoint would become more popular among students and teachers with every update that came afterwards (brighthub.com).
Why PowerPoint?
Before PowerPoint, giving a presentation was much hassle and loads of preparation. What was being presented would have to be drawn out on a large board before being presented. Now, with PowerPoint, all you need to do is use a computer to enter text, pictures, and videos into an organized slide show to demonstrate a lecture.
The materials needed for creating a PowerPoint presentation include a computer, keyboard, mouse, and the Microsoft Office software for PowerPoint. A printer will also be needed if printing the presentation, but this is optional.

Title Slide
To begin creating a PowerPoint, you must do one of three things: right click the PowerPoint icon on your computer’s desktop, double left-click the PowerPoint icon on your computer’s desktop, or go into your computer’s File Explorer, usually found at the bottom left of your desktop on th...

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After creating your PowerPoint presentation, you should have a slide show with a specific theme, format to your text, and pictures or videos that you have included in your presentation. This is the basic format to creating your presentation; there is much more to PowerPoint, but these additions are more advanced. PowerPoint was created to make presenting lectures or seminars simple and easier than writing everything out on a board. PowerPoint, of learned correctly, can be a lifesaver in cases of creating a simple presentation for work, school, or for a party that you wish to host.

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