Power of Black Swan

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The Oscars this year was brilliant. I kind of learned more about the nature of power through one of the most popular movies of this year—Black Swan. My definition was even more well-established after watching this film. Most notably, the way the main character pursues power offers a variety of examples connecting with the themes of Ovid, Nietzsche, and Rilke in the form of drink, art, sexuality and finally her daily experiences.

The movies opens up as Nina Sayers, a ballet dancer, has a dream of performing as white swan. Her dream foreshadows her interior aspiration of shining in public. She does get picked as swan queen for a performance of next coming season whereas she has to dance both white swan and black swan which symbolize different characters and styles. Nina seems to hot the rough patch in that her body is too frigid to dance as the black swan, being unable to seduce the audience. As the story progresses, she realizes that the power is to lose the self that living under control, or being transformed, in turn gaining the power of seduction. Even though she does practice over and over again, she can barely make a breakthrough. Not until Lily, another dancer, comes into her life, does Nina’s state of mind become clear. Thomas Leroy, the director, once shows Lily as an example to Nina, saying that Lily is naturally attractive and not pretentious. After that Nina set Lily as her imaginary adversary whom she frequently competes with. At the same time, one of respected dancers, Beth Macintyre, is replaced by Nina due to her age and appearance. Nina was sad for Beth but also comes to know that there will ultimately come a day when fame fades away.

Hence, she kept dancing, pursuing perfection, and learning a taste of jealous...

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...stions which only your own deepest instincts, in their own quietest moments, might perhaps be able to answer.” Thus, not just the way she touches herself, but also the value she weighs reflecting her pain, guilt, and shame which eventually lead her to the answer of gaining the power.

Weak but determined, Nina does gain this power by the end of the movie. Her ability to present herself as an evil black swan and an innocent twin indicates that she has finally transcended herself. On the other hand, the movie does not give much detail concerning how she uses the power after her performance whereas I make assume that she would probably keep fighting for her career and trying different styles that she has never tried yet. She would also struggle against her will or other social conventions but this power will ultimately lead her to self-creation and transcendence.
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