Power Is The Most Dangerous Threat

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In Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh faces a lot of trial and error with the usage of power throughout different quests. Power is seen as the ruler of evil in Gilgamesh’s case. When analyzing the word power, power can be used to separate different social groups, but power can’t stop death which was the ideal lesson Gilgamesh learns throughout his journey. While overcoming different challenges throughout his life, he overcame the power of tradition, the will to survive, and the fear of failure. Power is the most dangerous threat anybody can have especially a careless man. When people hear of the word tradition, they think of something that is being passed down from one generation to another. Think about kings when they pass their kingdoms down to their sons, the word kingdom is used to symbolize power over an area of land. In Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh ruled over Uruk, the people were under his control they believed that he had too much power but Gilgamesh being the man that he is believed that there wasn’t anything wrong with sleeping with every bride on her wedding night before the groom could sleep with his wife or showing off his superior ways within his community (34). The Gods heard the people’s cry for help and created Enkidu to stop Gilgamesh from having so much power over the people in Uruk (34). Even with the creation of Enkidu, there wasn’t much of a difference. At first they started off as enemies but after having an encounter with one another which ended in a fight Gilgamesh befriends Enkidu (47). Some people would say that Gilgamesh was shocked by how powerful Enkidu was, because he had never seen someone just as powerful as him strength wise like Enkidu (47). Given that conclusion, he gives Enkidu power with helping rule Uruk whi... ... middle of paper ... ...mesh over all depression and fear of death. The greed of power was the cause of his failure. He became too a costume to the idea of power because he had no one to challenge him and make him unconformable. Until Enkidu came around to push him outside of his comfort zone allowing him to make a friend and ultimately going back to his comfort zone. A little too comfortable which led to his down fall after the Bull of heaven fight which lead to his down fall when he lost a friend because he was use to his new friend and power. In the end he learnt that there will always be someone above someone else regardless. Throughout the story a shift in Gilgamesh character is seen he isn’t as cocky as in the beginning he’s more humble now. Since he overcoming different challenges throughout his life, like the power of tradition, the will to survive, and the fear of failure.

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