Power And The Relational Theory Of Power In Conflict

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As defined in the text, power is a fundamental concept in conflict theory. If only it were that easy to define or label power in conflict as "good" or "bad". Simply stated, in and of itself, it is both. Similar to "beauty being in the eyes of the beholder," Power is much the same way — it is in the hands of the beholder. The English word power comes from the Latin posse — “to be able”. Dictionary.com defines power as “a person or thing that possesses or exercises authority or influence.” Power has a number of meanings and means something slightly different to everyone, but essentially is gives us the ability to do something. It can enable us to have the capacity to affect change when faced with conflict. So in reality when we use our power …show more content…

We can reduce the amount of violence, arguments and miscommunications by effectively balancing power. People can work together to make relationships more equal in creative ways and find outlets that will manage conflict better. This allows people to work together more productively for the good, particularly when faced with conflict. When power is balanced we can learn to reach agreements more effectively and fairly. It is necessary to continually even out the power balance in relationships whenever warranted. One way to avoid conflict at home is to balance out household duties. It is very important for one to not feel as they are contributing to more of the household chores than the other. Each of us is more productive with certain projects than others are. On that same note, each of us like doing things more than others. I always clean the kitchen, wash the dishes, load and unload the dishwasher, etc, although my partner does most of the prepping and cooking. It is a balance, therefore, we rarely argue over who is doing more than the other when it comes to cooking and cleaning. We appreciate our differences and use them to add value to our relationship. As stated in the text, everyone has potential currencies that can be used to balance or gain power in our relationships. Power Currencies define how much …show more content…

Therefore, one could say that power makes people self-centered and this is the opposite of effectively resolving a conflict. When put to wise and judicious use, power can undoubtedly be considered as good. This positive use can be manifested in grand and noble actions benefiting many, or it can be simply recognized in a small, anonymous act benefiting one or few. Too often, we define power as some grand gesture or noble position of authority. When an issue arises that needs resolution, can we deem a simple act of kindness, no matter how seemingly insignificant, done for the betterment of another person by someone with the ability to do so, a good use of power? Is this not a representation of the "Power of Compassion" or "Power of Love" of "Power of Hope"? While at the same time, great men and women throughout history have exercised power in a good and positive way delivering enormous benefits to civilization, to our culture, to our environment,

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